Adam Trzinski

PhD Student

University of Wyoming

Advised by Jay Chapman

Department of Geology and Geophysics

1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071

Office: Geology 010
Phone: (708) 642-8105

Research Interests


I'm interested in the processes that thicken the earth's crust during orogenic uplift. Rocks in Southern Arizona have enjoyed multiple episodes of extension and compression, resulting in a complex puzzle with many scattered or missing pieces. To understand the story, we look to the mountains for more pieces of the puzzle. I use methods such as geologic mapping, stratigraphic analysis, cross section construction, geochronology, and Raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous material (RSCM) to learn more about the elusive tectonic history in the region. My current focus is to answer two main questions: 1) Did an orogenic plateau with thick crust exist in southern Arizona during the Late Cretaceous to early Cenozoic, and 2) is there regional evidence for deformation that could have thickened the crust to form such a plateau? The answers to these questions are critical for understanding the evolution of the North American Cordillera.